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We can admire Opel’s most interesting classics at a virtual exhibition

We can admire Opel’s most interesting classics at a virtual exhibition


From the legend that inspired the image of current Opels to the most interesting prototypes, the online exhibition contains countless interesting things.

Of Opel’s more than 160-year history, 120 years are covered by car production. This is extremely serious “life work” can now be admired without having to visit the German car brand’s headquarters in Rüsselsheim.

The Opel Classic oldtimer collection has recently been expanded with three new themes. THE Prototypes and study carsthe Touring cars and The legendary 60s its classics can be admired in the framework of virtual tours that can be rotated in 360 degrees, even from our favorite armchair.

The Opel CD Concept is one of the most beautiful study cars of the German brand (Photo: Opel)
The Opel CD Concept is one of the most beautiful study cars of the German brand (Photo: Opel)

Prototypes and study cars are the jewels of every classic car collection. At Opel, most of these unique models remain intact, including early vehicles such as a replica of the 1938 two-seater Kadett, which during development Strolch ran under a cover name and can be considered the predecessor of the sporty Kadets and Astras.

The Experimental GT is also a legendary piece: the sports car study – as the first German study model in history – was a resounding success at the 1965 Frankfurt Motor Show. But the same virtual tour also includes the 444-horsepower Astra OPC X-treme with gull-wing doors and a carbon fiber body and the GT X Experimental. In 2018, the Vizor appeared for the first time on this all-electric SUV study, which, among other things, Opel Mokka also echoes on the nose.

THE Touring cars virtual tour focuses on emotions and adrenaline, as it presents the brand’s diverse motorsport traditions. Opel’s first racing car was launched in 1899. In addition to the rally cars, perhaps the most exciting are the uncompromising technical touring cars, legends such as the Rekord C “Black Widow” or the highly successful Kadett GSi 16V DTM from 1989 speak for themselves. Opel entered the DTM series in 2000 with the Astra V8 Coupé and immediately finished second. Later came the famous 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, the high-tech Astra that finished as absolute winner here in 2003 can be seen in the virtual presentation in its original condition – dirty and with traces of the victory champagne.

The legendary 60s offers a more relaxed but equally exciting retrospective. Shiny chrome, white-walled tires, large windows – the cars of this era are the embodiment of timeless beauty and personal freedom. Among the Opels of the decade of Woodstock, the moon landing and color TV, there are also special features such as the 1962 Rekord P2 Coupé, which at the time was also referred to as a “racing boot” due to its short top and long rear overhang. In 1965, a new model arrived in Opel’s luxury car range: the Diplomat V8 Coupé. The most unique member of the Rüsselsheim range was produced by the Karmann body shop. Its uniqueness is also reflected in the production numbers: only 347 copies were produced until 1967. The Rekord B introduced in the same year is equally legendary: on the one hand, because of its CIH engine with a special structure, and on the other hand, because of one of its previous owners, who at one time was owned by none other than Sepp Herberger, the coach of the 1954 World Cup winning German football team.

The at Opel’s virtual exhibition however, those interested can see not only cars, but also other interesting things, such as a five-seater tandem bicycle.

We still have a lot to tell you, you can find everything interesting here!



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