EntertainmentWe fell in love with this look!.. Priyanka Mohan...

We fell in love with this look!.. Priyanka Mohan in a kick-ass look..


Priyanka Mohan came to Tamil after acting in a few films in Kannada and Telugu. She acted opposite Sivakarthikeyan in the movie Doctor directed by Nelson.


He also acted in the film ‘Edhirum Vathindavan’ opposite Suriya and again in the film ‘Don’ with Sivakarthikeyan. Currently, she is also acting in Captain Miller opposite Dhanush.


Besides, he is also acting in a new film directed by M. Rajesh. In addition to this, she has been publishing photos showing her beauty that makes her fans enjoy it to the point of spoiling their hearts.


In that way, Priyanka’s photos showing her beauty in beautiful clothes have attracted fans.


These photos are going viral on the internet


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