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We have bad news for you if you were hoping to see the ‘Harry Potter’ series soon.

We can see it on HBO Max, which will already be Max when it premieres

We have bad news for you if you were hoping to see the 'Harry Potter' series soon.
Hogwarts is still far away

Books in countless languagesvideo games on several platforms and different generations, documentariesall kinds of merchandising and eight moviesThat’s how big Harry Potter is. His fans number in the millions and are spread all over the globe, so it is not surprising that after the announcement of its series in 2021Many of us are eager to know more details about the adventures of the young magician and his friends, now in a different format than usual.

Always thought of as a long-term project, the Harry Potter series aims to adapt all the novels in a way even more faithful to what is seen in the, on the other hand, great films, which would assure us, as Warner Bros. already commented some time ago, producer of this new program and of the next of Tom Cruise with the Mexican Alejandro G. Iñárritumaterial for approximately ten years; Curiously, it took the same amount of time to complete the film saga, which began in 2001 with harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and ended in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

The new series will arrive exclusively to Max (HBO Max still here) and will have JK Rowlingauthor of all the books, although it is unknown what role she will play, whether she will work creatively on it (if there are changes with respect to the original material) or if she will simply act as a consultant.

Have to wait

David Zaslav, CEO and president of the Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate, revealed during a recent meeting with his investors to discuss the company’s fourth quarter earnings that, although they are aware of the public’s desire, this new Hogwarts wizard series will not be broadcast until 2026.

“We have made no secret of our excitement about Harry Potter,” Zaslav said of the long-awaited project. “The last movie was made over a dozen years ago.” “I was in London a few weeks ago with Casey [jefe de HBO y Max, Casey Bloys] and Channing [jefa de televisión de Warner Bros. Discovery, Channing Dungey] and we spent quite a bit of time with JK and his team,” he said. “Both parties are delighted to revive this franchise. Our conversations were great and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. We can’t wait to share a decade of new stories with fans around the world on Max.”

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