Home Latest Feeds Technology News We have to ask Neumann’s big question again: will we survive technology?

We have to ask Neumann’s big question again: will we survive technology?

We have to ask Neumann’s big question again: will we survive technology?


The Neumann Company and HUN-REN SZTAKI are organizing a future-focused conference.

As an event of the János Neumann commemorative year, after Neumann, the Neumann Society and the HUN-REN Computer Science and Automation Research Institute (HUN-REN SZTAKI) are organizing a celebratory conference on November 15 in Budapest.

The fresh, future-oriented lectures will discuss, among other things, the mysteries of the quantum computer and the quantum internet, the airplanes of the future, and it will also be revealed how AI serves to protect urban trees, the organizers announced.

As written, János Neumann’s 1955 Can We survive technology? His article (Will we survive technology?) has never been as relevant as it is today, therefore the festive conference of the Neumann Society and HUN-REN SZTAKI will take place in the spirit of considered techno-optimism and will look for the answer to what IT skills can help with in solving the problems of the future.

In the opening speech of the conference starting at 2 p.m., Imre Szalay, the managing director of Neumann Társaság, summarizes the events of the #neumann120 commemorative year, after which László Bacsárdi, the project manager of the Quantum Informatics National Laboratory, introduces the attendees not only to quantum computers, but also to the quantum communication that takes place with their help, the super-secure communication to the possibilities inherent in the quantum internet. In his presentation, the engineer-informatics presenter goes over the level of development of the related technologies and also presents the most important research directions of the Quantum Informatics National Laboratory in the field.

According to the announcer, Róbert Lovas, the deputy director of HUN-REN SZTAKI, will give a presentation on the development and operation of one of the most important Hungarian IT research infrastructures, the HUN-REN Cloud. From his presentation, those interested can learn about the application areas of the scientific cloud of the Hungarian Research Network, its international integration, as well as some prominent related research results.

In his presentation, Endre Szűcs, the founder of bedrock.farm, which specializes in the indoor cultivation of microgreens and herbs, explains the reason why more and more sensors and machines are needed around edible plants that provide less and less intrinsic value.

After the microgreens, the topic will be the protection of urban trees: the presentation of Gyula Fekete, co-founder of GreeHill, will show how it is possible to assess the tree population of big cities in a few months with a LIDAR-equipped measuring car that collects 3D data and specially developed models of artificial intelligence.

Finally, from the presentation of Bálint Vanek, Deputy Director of HUN-REN SZTAKI, the attendees can learn about modern aviation industry trends and the current research directions of aircraft mathematical modeling, model-based control planning, and the related multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO). In addition to all of this, in his presentation he will present the interesting results of the FLEXOP and FliPASED H2020 projects, which he coordinated, aimed at developing technologies that can be used in the aircraft of the future, as well as the National Laboratory of Autonomous Systems, also managed by SZTAKI.

According to the information, the joint Attila Kovács award of the Neumann Társaság, the IVSZ (Association of Digital Enterprises) and Infotér, which recognizes the work of the IT journalist of the year, will be presented at the festive event, as well as the Neumann Társaság’s traditional awards for outstanding IT researchers and educators. .

Participation in the conference is free, but prior registration is required https://njszt.hu/hu/event/2023-11-15/neumann-utan-szabadon-neumann-tarsasag-es-sztaki-unnepi-konferenciaja-neumann120 page, interested parties can do so.



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