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We need more János Neumanns in our country

The personality and spirit of the famous scientist obviously inspires everyone who participated in the International Informatics Student Olympiad.

The Secretary of State responsible for industrial policy and technology of the Ministry of Economic Development called it an important goal of the International Informatics Student Olympiad (IOI) in Szeged in August-September and the Study Camp event, which is now ending, to produce as many talents and as many new János Neumann in the field of IT as possible.

As is well known, this year is the 120th anniversary of the birth of the Hungarian-born mathematician János Neumann, and the event is also related to this, since the students who were the gold and silver medalists of the Szeged Student Olympiad came to Budapest at the invitation of the János Neumann Computer Science Society. The personality and spirituality of the famous scientist obviously had an inspiring effect on all participants.

In August-September of this year, Hungary was able to organize the IT Student Olympiad in Szeged with 350 participants, after the previous one in Singapore could only be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition, which ended this Saturday, is the follow-up event of the Szeged Student Olympiad, to which the 28 best-performing students were invited.

Tamás Kozsik, dean of the Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE IK), in his welcome speech, in addition to highlighting the faculty’s commitment to IT talent management and the training of IT research and development professionals, in connection with the presentation of ELTE IK, he also gave a glimpse behind the professional scenes.

According to his explanation, it was a big challenge for them to organize a series of programs that were both entertaining and at the same time imparting new knowledge according to the knowledge level of the participants, one that is mainly based on practical task solving, teamwork, and the spirit of competition, and not on traditional lectures, and this was very popular among the students. The focus of the professional program was on computer vision, image processing, environmental sensors, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence representing the major research directions of ELTE IK.

At the closing event of the Study Camp event on Saturday, the participants were greeted by Benjamin Burton, the president of the IOI, György Beck, the president of the János Neumann Society for Computer Science, and Lei Wang, the HR director of the European Research Institute of Huawei, and the performance of the best students was recognized with a certificate.

The IOI Study Camp was held this year in Budapest, in the ELTE IK building, organized by the ELTE IK and the János Neumann Computer Science Society, with the support of Huawei, between October 25-29. The professional programs ended on Saturday, the students take part in excursions on Sunday and get to know the sights of Budapest.

At the IOI’s prestigious international competition, world-class IT talents compete for Olympic medals for the best. The competition has traditionally received special attention from tech companies and higher education, which are interested in finding and supporting talent. It is no longer easy to get into the IOI, the competitors take part in a series of preparatory competitions, from which only the best make it to the Olympics. The Hungarian preparatory competitions take place within the framework of the talent management program of ELTE and the János Neumann Society of Computer Science, which goes back more than 20 years, thanks to which Hungarian students have won glory and medals at the Olympics on several occasions.

The organizers consider it extremely important to include Hungary in international initiatives for the search of young talents. Both the ELTE IK and the NJSZT consider it a significant achievement that Hungary won the right to organize the IOI and the IOI Study Camp in 2023 – reads the summary.

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