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What does the Whatsapp security code message mean?

What does the Whatsapp security code message mean?


WhatsApp tells you that your security code has changed? Read on and find out what this message means.

What does the Whatsapp security code message mean?
This message says “present” when end-to-end encryption between the two conversations has been confirmed.

Despite the fact that currently there are many people who use WhatsApp around the world, few are those who have knowledge about it. the different codes, messages and notifications that the messaging app usually shows both on Android and iPhone. A clear example of this is the famous “security code” that usually appears in group and private conversations.

If you have recently seen the message that says “Changed your security code” and you have not stopped wondering, what does it mean? We want to inform you that you are in the right place. Here We are going to explain to you in a few words what that message meansas well as why it usually appears in the conversations you have with your contacts.

“Changed your security code”: what does this WhatsApp message mean?

What does change your WhatsApp security code mean?

This message does not represent any security problem or anything like that.

This message that WhatsApp shows in your group and private conversations It’s nothing bad and you don’t have to be alarmed. In short, it is a message that appears to all users who use this messaging service.

As reported by WhatsApp, this message means the conversation is secure and? end-to-end encryption between both users is present. Basically, the messaging app managed to verify that there is no security risk.

Notably the security code is not always the sameso you could see this message repeatedly in the conversations you have with your contacts (you should not be alarmed if this happens frequently).

Why does the message “Changed your security code” appear on WhatsApp?

Why does the message

WhatsApp shows this message in all versions.

There are several reasons why this message might appear in the private or group conversation you are in:

  • The app was reinstalled WhatsApp on the mobile device.
  • WhatsApp Web logged in.
  • Changed the QR code used to access WhatsApp from the PC (app or browser).
  • Phone number changed that was linked to that WhatsApp account.

As you may have seen in the list of points that we show you above, the message in question will always will appear when any account related changes are made of WhatsApp that is owned.

How to prevent the message “Changed your security code” from appearing on WhatsApp?

If you are tired of WhatsApp showing this message in all your conversations, do not despair! You can prevent it from continuing to appear, as? Following all these steps:

Enter WhatsApp settings on Android

Every time you reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile, your contacts will see the message in the chat windows.

  • Open the WhatsApp app from your mobile.
  • Once you are inside it, you must click on the three small vertical dots that appear at the top right of the screen.
  • A menu will be displayed with several options, enter the one that says “Settings”.
Disable the Change your security code message in WhatsApp

Disabling this message will not create any security issues.

  • Then you will have to enter “Account”.
  • Therefore, you must click on “Security Notifications”.
  • And finally, you will have to hit the green button which is next to “Show security notifications on this device”.

With nothing more to add, if you use WhatsApp Web and you do not want this message to appear in your conversations either, you will have to follow the same tutorial from the browser.



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