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What greater credit can a daughter have than this? Rajini’s gift to Aishwarya

Actor Rajinikanth: Actor Rajinikanth is a superstar in Tamil cinema today and forever. Rajini has always been very influential among the people as if he was born with the name Superstar. That is why people do not allow anyone else to take away that title.

Rajini, who came as an ordinary actor in the 70s, gradually progressed to become a peak actor today because of the rough roads and difficult situations he had to go through. Rajini has reached this height through all that patiently and happily.

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In this situation, today the film Lal Salam directed by his daughter has been released in all theaters around the world. Rajini acting in his daughter’s direction is a proud moment for him.

Having worked with so many leading directors, Rajini teaming up with his daughter in this film is a special thing for Rajini. In this situation, Rajini has released a very warm message for his daughter on the occasion of the release of Lal Salaam.

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Watching it, we can feel how much love and trust Rajini has for his daughter. In that post, ‘My love and greetings to my beloved mother Aishwarya. I pray to Almighty God that your film Lal Salaam will be a huge success’, he said.



Every daughter is like a mother to her father. In a similar state of mind, Rajini also addressed his daughter as mother and expressed his wishes. Fans are saying through their comments that this will be an expensive gift for Aishwarya.

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