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What happened last time.. Kamal’s favorite competitor will not get the cup this season too?

While the shooting of Bigg Boss season 7 grand finale hosted by Kamal Haasan is underway, the information about the title winner has been leaked on social media. So far no wild card entry in Bigg Boss has won the title. Suja Varuni entered as a wild card in the first season and gave a tough match till the end.

After that, Ramya Pandiyan, who entered as a wild card in the Bigg Boss Ultimate show, got support among the fans. But, for the first time, reports have leaked that a wild card contender has won the title this season.

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Is Bigg Boss Tamil 7 shooting complete? While that is in doubt, reports have leaked that VJ Archana is the title winner of this season and has won the prize of 50 lakhs.

Kamal Haasan’s favorite rival Vikraman got the title last season but Aseem got it. In this case, it is said that Kamal Haasan’s favorite competitor Maya did not get the title in this season and they gave it to Archana.

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Kamal Haasan is all set to make a grand entrance in a black suit to bring the contestants from the house to the Bigg Boss arena in the grand finale that will be aired tomorrow. While last year’s contestants came on air, let’s see what magic they are going to do this year on the show. There are also reports that Manikandan has come as the runner’s father.

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