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What is wrong if my husband is my little boy!.. Listen to what the super singer has to say!..

Singer Malavika Sundar, famous for Super Singer, recently gave an interview to a YouTube channel along with her husband which is going viral. Super singer Malavika Sundar got married to a much younger man then sparked a mild controversy.

A lot of trolls also surfed the social media saying that Malavika Sundar got married to someone younger than her. In 2021, Malavika Sundar Ashwin got married to Kashyap Raguraman.

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In this case, I am 32 years old in a recent interview. My husband is only 31 years old. If we look at the difference in terms of months, it is only 9 months. Even though he is 4 years younger than me and I am 4 years younger than him what is the problem?

Age difference is not a matter if you lead a family life in harmony. In the beginning, all this was not set, and they criticized badly that they should buy these divers soon. But, Malavika Sundar has broken the stereotypes that we have been living happily for 2 years.

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Malavika Sundara who was in Super Singer has surprised everyone that she has changed to such an extent that fans are surprised. It is noteworthy that many celebrities including Sachin Tendulkar have married older women and lived happily together for many years.

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