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What straps will be compatible with the Apple Watch

Apple would launch a new system for securing Apple Watch straps in 2024

Apple Watch 2024: which straps will be compatible with the Apple Watch
Apple will launch the Apple Watch X in 2024

In September 2024 it will be ten years since the presentation of the Apple Watcha date that the bitten apple company wants to celebrate with the launch of a Apple Watch Series. A model that will arrive with great news and changes, such as a new design or a new magnetic system for straps.

And, in addition to coming with a renewed design, new health features as the detection of sleep apnea or the ability to measure blood pressureThe Apple Watch Series X would also have a new magnetic strap system that would make the straps no longer compatibleone of the biggest changes to date if it ends up being like this.

Will Apple launch new straps for the 2024 Apple Watch?

One of the big changes expected for the 2024 Apple Watch is a new design that would make your case slimmer. A design that would also imply a change in the strap fastening system. Currently, the Apple Watch uses a slot system, which works well, but also takes up a lot of space. Space that They could take up components such as a larger battery.

Apple would intend to free up internal space by changing the fastening system by a magnetic system. A change that would help free up space so that other components such as the battery or health sensors can occupy it. Additionally, it would allow the case to be thinner. However, This change would also imply the compatibility of current straps; Let us remember that the straps have never stopped being compatible, they have continued to be so since their launch in 2015.

AND magnetic system that would change things after 10 years. Of course, we must keep in mind that these are just rumors and that Apple has not confirmed anything. Yes indeed, the possibility that the old straps are not compatible with the new model is quite high. After so much time, such a radical change would make sense even though it will not be well received by users.

Based on current information, it is likely that we will have to Invest in new straps specially designed for the Apple Watch. The design, along with the previous ones, gives us hope for an additional 10 years of compatibility and will mark a significant stage in the evolution of this watch. Despite the need to purchase a new strap, it is anticipated that the watch will be even more advanced.

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