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What will be the first mobile phone from Polestar, one of Tesla’s competitors, is leaked

The first mobile phone with Android from the Swedish firm Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo. It should arrive in 2024 to accompany its electric cars and offer a more continuous experience to its customers.

What will be the first mobile phone from Polestar, one of Tesla's competitors, is leaked
This will be the Polestar Phone, leaked in an internal company video.

Xiaomi wants to make cars and many car manufacturers want to make phones for an experience of unparalleled continuity in its vehicle ranges, which are increasingly contraption with wheels. However, for now, only the Chinese NIO has attempted this Cross introducing ourselves to the NIO phone as a prelude to what is to come, and that is the firm Polestar, a subsidiary of Volvo and owned by the Chinese company Geely, He also anticipates his first mobile phone whose development already It had been confirmed a while ago.

The idea behind this Polestar Phone we understand that part of the purchase and integration of Meizu in the automotive giant Geely, which will thus be able to take much better advantage of the synergies after The Meizu software team will adapt Flyme OS for the cars of some brands of the group in the China market.

From there, from Weibowhere all the leaks are cooked in the gigantic Asian market, we get An internal Polestar video that previews its first mobile phonewhich apparently already has a final design and advances in the phases of its development for an upcoming commercialization, showing itself glancingly during the event North Star Day.

You don’t need anything more than to see it to notice Meizu’s hand behind the deviceand it becomes impossible not to see characteristic details of the Meizu 20 series with its metal chassis with flat frames and the three rear camera sensors located in independent rings, also similar to those of Samsung and its latest Galaxy S Ultra.

We now confirm that Polestar will engrave the frame with its logo to offer a distinctive touch, while the first data from the cameras tells us of a main sensor with 23 millimeter equivalent lens and f/1.9 aperture, along with a telephoto 70 millimeters and aperture f/2.0 and another sensor 15 millimeter ultra wide angle and f/2.4 aperture.

As many expect, the screen will be flat with a hole well centered on the front, where the camera will be located selfies and video calls, while the rest of the details are similar to any other flagshipstarting from a glass and metal sandwich that runs on a custom Android skin.

The new Polestar Phone could be exclusive to the China market precisely because of the development of its software and the integration with Flyme Auto and/or Flyme OS, although the most important thing for now is that Meizu’s hand is noticeable in its design and hardware. It should have top-of-the-range possibilities.

As the friends of GSMArenaThis Polestar Phone will be a top-of-the-range phone in 2024 so You should mount a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipsetalthough the most interesting thing will be in how Volvo’s subsidiary brand will integrate Flyme Auto’s experience with the device firmware.

Some sources say that it will be exclusive to the China market precisely because of this work with the software, but this is something that we will have to confirm over time… We’ll be alert!

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