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When will you release it in our town!.. Ram bought from the producer at the award ceremony!..

Seven Seas Seven Hills was screened today in the Big Picture competition at the International Film Awards in Rotterdam. For that, the film’s producer Suresh Kamatshi, the film’s hero Nivin Pauly, heroine Anjali and actor Suri have gone to the Netherlands with the film’s director Ram.

Suri, Anjali and Nivin Pauly said that it was a big deal for the film crew to come to the Rotterdam Film Festival for the first time. Thanks to director Ram and producer Suresh Kamakshi for that.

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Nivin Pauly, who gained attention with Malayalam films like Premam and Bangalore Days, is acting in Ram, so why not act in a film? He was committed to act in this film.

Anjali and Suri said that while this film, which is based on a different script, is going to international award ceremonies, don’t think that this is a serious film, it is a commercial film.

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At the same time, Ram asked Suresh Kamatshi to release the film in Tamil Nadu. Finally, they said that Yehu Kaad Yehu Malai will be released as a summer holiday celebration film in March or April.

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