Home Entertainment Where To Watch Titanic – Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

Where To Watch Titanic – Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?

Where To Watch Titanic – Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?


Back in 1997 Titanicthe epic romantic disaster movie directed, written, and produced by James Cameron, was unleashed on the world.

Based on accounts of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the film stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, who fall in love aboard the ship during its doomed maiden voyage.

It was the most expensive film ever made at the time, with a production budget of $200 million. The good news is that to date, it has more than made its money back, warning a worldwide total of $2.195 billion.

So if you fancy a trip down memory lane or you want to watch Titanic for the first time, here is where to find it…

Where To Watch Titanic?

United States: Titanic is available to stream in the USA on direct TV.

United Kingdom: Kate Winslet fans will have to rent Titanic as it is not included in any streaming platform subscription. rental options include Amazon, Apple TV+ or the Sky Store.

Australia: With one streaming option, you are in luck if you want to watch Titanic in Australia. It is on Foxtel Now.

Canada: In Canada, you can watch Titanic with a Paramount+ subscription.

Mexico: unfortunately, Titanic is not available on any streaming platform in Mexico, and you cannot rent or purchase either.

Germany: If you want to stream Titanic in Germany, then you have to rent it on Amazon, Apple TV+ or Google Play.

Japan: Only one service offers Titanic in Japan, and that is DMKT-SP.

Europe: Very few countries in Europe have Titanic included on any streaming platform. Instead, you must rent it, with Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime Video offering it almost everywhere.

Where Was The Movie Titanic Filmed?

James Cameron is a man of precision, and he left no detail to chance when he filmed Titanic.

He shot footage of the actual Titanic wreck in the Atlantic Ocean, with scenes on the research vessel shot on board the Akademik Mstislav Keldysh.

He also used scale models, and computer-generated imagery and had a reconstruction of the Titanic built at Baja Studios to re-create the sinking.

Most of the filming for Titanic was at Fox Baja Studios in Rosarito, Mexico, where a full-scale RMS Titanic had been constructed.

How Old Was Leonardo DiCaprio Making Titanic?

It may not have been the movie that made Leo DiCaprio, as he did have hits before it, but Titanic definitely catapulted him into stardom!

He plays Jack Dawson, an itinerant, poor orphan from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, who wins two third-class tickets for the Titanic in a poker game and travels with his friend Fabrizio.

DiCaprio was 21 years old when James Cameron gave him the role. As the movie took a couple of years to make, he was 23 years old by the time the movie was released.

How Accurate Is The Ending Of Titanic?

There has been a lot of debate over the years as to whether or not Jack could have fit on the floating door that saved Rose.

It has been 25 years and until recently, fans were convinced that he could have survived if Rose had just moved over a little bit and pulled him out of the water.

And it turns out, they were right. James Cameron has re-created the scene multiple times to determine whether or not Jack could have lived.

As part of a new National Geographic special, Titanic: 25 Years Later With James Cameronhe enlisted a team of scientists to recreate the scene and test different scenarios in which Jack actually climbed aboard the wreckage, too.

Cameron said that in the first round, “Jack and Rose are able to get on the raft, but now they’re both submerged in dangerous levels of freezing water”.

Then the team fit both actors on the raft in a position that lifts their upper bodies out of the water, increasing their chances for survival.

“He got into a place where if we projected that out, he just might’ve made it until the lifeboat got there. Jack might’ve lived, but there’s a lot of variables.

“I think his thought process was, ‘I’m not going to do one thing that jeopardized her,’ and that’s 100 percent in character.”

Titanic Cast

With the 25th Anniversary of Titanic, the movie is being re-released in cinemas. But if you want to brush up on whos who, then here’s the cast of Titanic

Kate Winslet (divergent) as Rose DeWitt Bukater, a 17-year-old girl who is forced into an engagement to 30-year-old Cal Hockley so she and her mother, Ruth, can maintain their high-class status.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson a poor orphan from Chippewa Falls who wins two tickets for the Titanic in a poker game.

Billy Zane as Caledon Hockley, Rose’s arrogant and snobbish 30-year-old fiancé, who is the heir to a Pittsburgh steel fortune.

Frances Fisher as Ruth DeWitt Bukater, Rose’s widowed mother.

Gloria Stuart as Rose Dawson Calvert who narrates the film in a modern-day framing device.

Kathy Bates as Molly Brown who is looked down upon by other first-class women.

Bill Paxton as Brock Lovett, a hunter looking for the “Heart of the Ocean” in the treasure wreck of the Titanic in the present.

Bernard Hill as Captain Edward John Smith who retreats into the wheelhouse on the bridge as the ship sinks.

Suzy Amis as Lizzy Calvert as Rose’s granddaughter, who accompanies her when she visits Lovett on the ship and learns of her grandmother’s romantic past with Jack Dawson.

Danny Nucci as Fabrizio, Jack’s Italian best friend, who boards the RMS Titanic with him after Jack wins two tickets.

David Warner as Spicer Lovejoy, Cal’s English valet, and bodyguard.

Jason Barry as Tommy Ryan, an Irish third-class passenger who befriends Jack and Fabrizio.



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