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Which gaming computer should I buy? Recommended computer sets for January 2024. Ready-made configurations at various prices

Which gaming computer should I buy?  Recommended computer sets for January 2024. Ready-made configurations at various pricesWhich computer should I buy for gaming? Which processor should I choose? Which graphics cards are the best? Similar questions flood Internet forums because the situation on the component market can change rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with innovations that turn previous concepts upside down. Before purchasing a computer, a future user faces serious problems that are inextricably linked to money, which should be a strong motivation to look for the best solutions. That’s why the following guide with recommended computer sets was created. Using our experience and test database, we have created visually transparent and substantively refined configurations that are a good starting point when assembling a computer.

Author: Sebastian Oktaba

The publication was created mainly for not very advanced users who have basic knowledge of assembling computers and who need professional advice on what equipment to choose for a specific amount. Forum regulars and eager readers of articles on the website PurePC, they can probably select the best components themselves, but even then it is worth seeing whether the users’ suggestions are reflected in the editors’ choices. If very similar configurations are recommended in both places, you can optimistically assume that you will not find a better computer at the moment. Of course, the sets are optimally selected and focused primarily on the price-performance ratio, but we are absolutely not aiming for maximum savings. If a slightly more expensive component is simply better or covered by a longer warranty, we definitely recommend this solution. Quality and reliability are very important features.

Are you wondering what computer set to buy? A guide with recommended configurations should help you make the right choice.

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The basic configuration in the sets proposed by PurePC consists only of basic components, i.e. processor, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, power supply, disks and possibly an additional cooling system. In this case, the price of the computer case was not taken into account, mainly due to the very diverse tastes of readers and the extremely wide range of manufacturers’ offers. However, we have prepared suggestions for this element – the basket contains only basic components, while the boxes have a separate thematic section. In addition, peripherals and monitors have their own categories, where you can check recommended models and choose the one closest to your individual preferences. Before you start shopping, be sure to also visit our hardware section, where you will find tests of most of the components recommended in the guide.

Although we are a website that devotes a lot of attention to overclocking, we strongly do not encourage such practices. In recent years, the potential for overclocking processors and graphics cards has decreased significantly, so the benefits of overclocking are unfortunately smaller. It should also be clearly noted that a lot depends on the user’s skills, determination and equipment, so we simply cannot promise anything certain. In the case of Intel processors, only some models with an unlocked multiplier allow for free overclocking, which of course plays a significant role in the entire process of building the platform. Please also take into account that extremely unsuccessful overclocking attempts may result in damage to the equipment, and the person performing such activities is always responsible for the effects of improperly changing parameters. Therefore, the proposed configurations are more focused on obtaining a specific performance out of the box, rather than tinkering to improve performance.

We assemble our sets based on the online store’s offer apricots.net, however, the publication is completely original and independent. The store is only a product base, which we have committed to replenish as quickly as possible and maintain competitive prices for the components selected by the editors. We have been creating the recommended computer sets since 2008 with the efforts of the entire editorial team, but we are always happy to listen to readers’ observations and comments, after all, the list is addressed to you. We realize that it is simply impossible to satisfy everyone, because subjectivity is a very human trait, but we will try to adapt the publication to the expectations of the majority. The proposed configurations are a starting point, tailored to the budget adopted above, but this does not end the topic. A new version of the sets always appears on the first day of the month and is updated thoroughly after two weeks, as prices and availability of products may change significantly. Under almost every component, we also include an alternative that is similar in performance and price, which you can choose without worrying about the quality of the computer.

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