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Which laptop should I buy? Recommended laptops for gaming, studying, working and multimedia. Shopping guide for February and March 2024

Which laptop should I buy?  Recommended laptops for gaming, studying, working and multimedia.  Shopping guide for February and March 2024Which laptop should I choose? Which model will be the best in its price range? What configuration is the most profitable? Certainly, many of our readers ask themselves similar questions before purchasing equipment, because the market is filled with various types of notebooks, ultrabooks, gaming devices and the increasingly popular convertible devices. An additional difficulty is the multitude of processors, graphics cards, determining the work culture, quality of workmanship and the reasonableness of the entire configuration. Nowadays, it is not easy to choose the perfect equipment and get lost in the maze of various models. That is why the following guide was created, where I will present the most interesting notebooks divided into several price ranges, covering a wide range of devices.

Author: Damian Marusiak

The following publication was prepared mainly for inexperienced users looking for a suitable notebook for regular work, computer games or broadly understood multimedia. As a person who frequently browses various internet forums and thematic groups on Facebook, I pay particular attention to the fact that many people do not know what equipment to choose for themselves and ask more experienced users for help. For this reason, I decided to create a shopping guide on the PurePC.pl website. I hope that you will like the selection of laptops and if someone decides to buy a notebook for themselves in the near future, you will take advantage of my suggestions. I have tried to choose the laptops that I will present to you optimally, so as to maintain the right balance between price and capabilities. Currently, the selection of equipment is really large, so I decided on a very wide range of devices. On the following pages you will be able to read notebook offers in several different price ranges. We will start with cheap, budget laptops aimed at undemanding users and end with top devices with considerable power.

Which laptop should I buy?  Recommended laptops for gaming, studying, working and multimedia.  Shopping guide for February and March 2024 [nc1]

Each notebook in a given price range is equipped with a set of components, although it will not always have a pre-loaded operating system. This mainly applies to cheaper designs, where we fought for the most attractively priced options, recommending that the user use free alternatives to Windows if he or she needs to save several hundred zlotys. The proposed equipment will have all the components necessary for proper functioning, because we have not included in the list the so-called hulls that allow you to adjust the insides yourself, even if a specific laptop model allows for possible modifications. Contrary to appearances, many people use the option of overclocking notebook components, but due to the nature of mobile designs, most of the offered models will have CPU OC options blocked. Such games could result in destabilization of the equipment, and a processor with an unlocked multiplier costs additional money, which is why I avoided recommending such equipment in this guide intended for laypeople. Graphics systems are a simpler matter, but each user always does so at their own risk.

Recommended notebooks were thoroughly rebuilt in August 2018. From now on, the article is divided into three separate parts. The first one focuses on broadly understood multimedia laptops and laptops for office work. In the second part, we only recommend ultrabooks, i.e. notebooks in which mobility is also important. The third group are laptops intended for gaming – here we usually find the most powerful components. This grouping of categories should make browsing through the article much more transparent. The significantly expanded list of categories means that from this month we also recommend more notebooks than before. Also starting from February 2019, recommended notebooks on PurePC are created based on the store’s offer x-com. This decision was made, among others, due to the extensive configuration options of individual laptops and a wide range of products. We wish you all successful shopping according to your budget!

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