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Why did Vijay come in the middle when talking about Vijayakanth!.. SA suddenly tensed. Chandrasekhar!..

When Vijayakanth passed away, director S.A. was unable to attend. Chandrasekhar was in Dubai. But actor Vijay Captain came to pay his respects despite the crowd on the night of his death, which moved everyone. Mishaps also occurred in the crowd where some miscreants threw sandals at Vijay.

In this case, S.A. who recently returned to Chennai. Chandrasekhar has been regularly talking about Vijayakanth on several YouTube channels. On a popular YouTube channel, Vijayakanth was asked about the actor’s association not paying proper tributes at his funeral.

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Vijayakanth said that even if he beats 20 people during a fight, his body structure, looks and majesty are all believable.

When the host suddenly raised a question about Vijay, SA told him to stop. While talking about Chandrasekhar and Vijayakanth, he got tensed asking why Vijay is coming in the middle.

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Presenter SA came to ask something else. While Vijayakanth’s body was placed in a glass box as a tribute to Chandrasekhar, he saw it and said that he came to ask about Vijay’s 10-second tribute.

At once, that’s all thank you faith sir. He said that just thinking that he is one of the main reasons for us to come to this place brings tears to our eyes to pay our respects.

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