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Why do you forget your mobile PIN if you think about it too much?


Have you ever entered your mobile PIN without thinking? Have you ever completely forgotten him precisely because you tried to think about him? It all happens because of the curious biology of your memory.

Why do you forget your mobile PIN if you think about it too much?
The lock screen on a Google Pixel 6a.

Surely it has happened to you at some time, for whatever reason your mobile has turned off and you must re-enter the PIN. That code you haven’t thought about for months. However, as if it were magic, your finger freely runs through the screen of your smartphone by clicking on the corresponding places.

You have not even had to stop to process, you have simply entered it. In fact, it is likely that if you had thought about it too much you would not have remembered. Why is this happening? The origin of this curious phenomenon is in the biology of our memory and it is very interesting, so I am here to tell you a little about it. At Andro4all we don’t have to talk only about the new Samsung Galaxy S23 or of technological offersTRUE?

The magic of your memory and the PIN of your smartphone

Why does memory betray us? Why would he forget something precisely because he was trying to remember it? The answer, despite what it may seem, is quite simple. The main reason is that data such as the PIN of our mobile or the code of our credit card are stored in our muscle memorynot in cognitive memory.

Muscle memory is one that is responsible for storing information related to body movements, such as walking, typing, or cycling. This memory is automatic and requires no conscious effort to bring it out. In fact, it can be counterproductive..

On the other hand, the declarative memory It is the one that is in charge of storing information related to semantic knowledge, such as names, dates, numbers or facts. This memory requires a conscious effort to bring the memories back to life. For example, if you try to remember the grade you got on a test, you will be drawing on this memory.

When we add a PIN or key, we do it automatically, without having to think about it. That moment when we go blank comes because we try to remember it by looking in declarative memory, when the PIN lives in our muscle or implicit memory. The best way to recover it is not to think and let our finger act.

However, this does not mean that we cannot remember it at specific times. One way to do this is through repetition. If we enter a key or a PIN several times, our cognitive memory can associate that information with a specific context or situation, which will help us to remember it in the future. You already know, our memory works in ways that we can’t even imagine and it can lead us to situations as curious as this one.

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