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Widgets for your favorite apps not available? Here’s the fix!

How to use widgets on your iPhone Home screenSource: Joseph Keller / iMore

When Apple launched iOS 14, it brought about some significant changes to the Home screen, including the ability to have widgets anywhere on the Home screen, not just the Today view. And since iOS 14 came out, many developers have updated their app widgets to cater to the new style, giving users a lot more options when it comes to customization, including app icons.

But are you currently experiencing an issue where your favorite app is not available as a widget that can exist outside of the Today view? There are a few reasons behind this, and we’ll be going over them today.

Here’s how to troubleshoot if widgets for your favorite apps are not available.

Make sure you’ve updated the app to the latest version

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Source: Joe Keller / iMore

The first step to troubleshooting the problem of not seeing your favorite app’s updated widget style available is to make sure you’re on the latest version of the app. After all, these new widgets were made for iOS 14 and later, so you’ll need to ensure that you’ve downloaded the most recent version.

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If you’re wondering how to manually update your apps on iPhone and iPad, it’s a pretty easy process. And once you do that, you should enable automatic updates, so you never have to update apps again manually.

Open the updated or new app at least once

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Source: iMore

Even if you just updated the app, it may still not show up when you try to add a widget to your Home screen. If you followed the steps in our guide on downloading and updating apps and games and still don’t see it, then make sure you launch the app at least once. This ensures that you’re logged in if necessary, and all of the data you want in a widget will be loaded up first in the app.

If the widget for your favorite app still does not show up after opening it up at least once, then you’ll need to proceed to the next troubleshooting tip.

Restart your iPhone

Iphone 12 Pro Review

Source: iMore

If all else fails — and sometimes it does happen — then you should try to restart your iPhone or iPad. A good restart usually fixes most problems, including glitches, bugs, and other weird issues.

Now, if at this point you still do not see a new widget for your favorite app showing up, then it may also be entirely possible that the developer hasn’t created a new widget yet. If this appears to be the case, you will want to try contacting the developer to see if they plan to add a Home screen widget in the future. Remember — it’s a feature that developers can choose to add or not, so it’s not a requirement.

Questions about Home screen widgets?

Do you have any questions about the Home screen widgets feature in iOS 14 on the best iPhone or iPad? What are your favorite widgets so far? Are you hoping for more features to come to widgets and customization in iOS 15? Let us know in the comments!

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