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WiFi AR App Details WiFi Coverage In Your House Or Office

WiFi AR is one of the most interesting apps that we’ve stumbled upon lately. This Android application will show you detailed WiFi coverage all around your house or office.

WiFi AR app can be a great tool for gamers

How does it work? Once you install the app, you’ll be able to start walking around the house, and on your smartphone display, you’ll get plenty of data. The app will show you the exact coverage details for various spots around the place you’re at, as long as you’re connected to that WiFi network.

It will not only show you signal levels in specific spots around your house, but you’ll also get speed and ping values. So, this app can be a really valuable tool for gamers amongst you. You can figure out where is the best spot for those online gaming sessions.

Thanks to such info, you can either reposition your WiFi router, buy some WiFi signal boosters / extenders, or reposition your PC or whatever else you need to have a stronger signal and lower ping.

It can also help you spot interfering networks

Using the app, you can also spot interfering networks. You can spot your neighbor’s network signal that is causing interference, and thus a drop in WiFi signal quality.

Do note that the app is free, but to an extent. There is a limit to which you can use it, before it will ask you to pay up. You can unlock a full version of the app, though, of course, and get rid of the ads at the same time.

Similar programs for a computer are quite pricey, so the fact that you can use this for free to any extent, is great. It’s also more affordable than the aforementioned PC programs.

Thanks to some official images, which are provided in the gallery below, and video, you can check out what the app looks like in use. There is also a download link / button below, which will reroute you to the Google Play Store.

WiFi AR (Google Play Store)

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