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“Will Ajith get money if he tells the scene??”… Vignesh Shivan’s strange incident… Another wavel made!!


Ajith Kumar starrer Thunivu will hit theaters tomorrow on the occasion of Pongal. Also, Pongal will be a big treat for fans this year as Vijay’s movie “Varisu” is also releasing.

Many movie fans know that Ajith Kumar will be acting in the direction of Vignesh Sivan after the movie “Thunivu”. According to some reports, the shooting of Vignesh Sivan’s new film directed by Ajith will begin on the 17th.

AK 62

AK 62

In this situation, the famous senior journalist Seiyaru Balu has shared an interesting incident about Vignesh Sivan in one of his videos.

That means Vignesh Sivan called the assistant directors working under him and made them sit in a room. Vignesh Sivan is there with some checks on the table. Looking at the assistants there, he said, “Whoever gives good scenes for Ajith’s film, we will write a check immediately.”

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Vignesh Shivan

Vignesh Shivan

As soon as the assistants heard this, they told many good scenes that came to them. After that, Vignesh Sivan has written more rupees in checks to those assistants. It is also said that the scenes told by the assistant directors will be used in Vignesh Sivan’s film.

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