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Will Ayalon be released on an alien planet?


Ayalan: Smart people stop acting in movies. They will not go to the product side. Because if the film fails, all the money earned by acting will be lost. That’s why most of the actors stay whether they act or get paid.

Actors like Ajith, Vikram, Rajini get paid and stop acting. Even though Padayappa was a box office hit for Rajini himself, his film Baba, which he produced and starred in, was a big loss. It was Ajith who advised Sivakarthikeyan when he was growing up in cinema, ‘Don’t get into trouble by making your own film’.

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But, who has left the desire?.. Sivakarthikeyan shot himself by taking his own money in the name of benami. 3 years ago he had a loan of up to Rs.100 crores. So, every time his film releases, the panchayat comes. They will place the panchayat with Sivakarthikeyan. He will say that he will settle the debt by acting in the next 4 films without taking salary.


Will do in a film. He won’t do it in the next film. The rest of the loan will bear interest. He is constantly in debt. In this case, there is a problem with the film ‘Ayalan’, which is announced to be released tomorrow. Sivakarthikeyan is said to have a debt of 85 crores now.

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Last night there was an all-night negotiation. Sivakarthikeyan has already not received salary for Ayalan. However, he has said that he will accept another 25 crore loan. The situation has developed that the film will be released only if the producer of Ayalan takes responsibility for the remaining 60 crores.

They plan to hold talks again today. In this, it is noteworthy that only if there is a smooth relationship, the film Ayalan will be released tomorrow as planned.

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