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Will Return to Monkey Island be followed by Maniac Mansion? – Gambling addiction

The Return of the Puzzle Adventure Series Monkey Island was a pleasant surprise for fans, because the new game Return to Monkey Island created by the original developers, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman. But as producer/director Craig Derrick may be hinting, this could be just the beginning.

Craig Derrick, who directed the production of the game The Secret of Monkey Island and was the producer of a number of games in the series, shared his joy at how warmly “Return to Monkey Island” was received. And declaredthat waits until it’s time to “return to the mansion”.

The highlight leaves no doubt: Derrick means the game Maniac Mansionwhich Lucasfilm Games released in 1987. A sequel was released in 1993 Day of the Tentacleand a couple of years ago the studio Double Fine Productions released a remaster.

On wanting to “return to the mansion” Derrick mentioned back in August, accompanying this tweet with a trailer for an improved version of Maniac Mansion released in 1989.
As we remember, back in 2016, Ron Gilbert asked Disney sell him the rights to Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion – promising to pay “real money”. Who knows, suddenly, in addition to Return to Monkey Island, Gilbert also has plans Return to Maniac Mansion?

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