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will surpass humans in this incredible ability

AIs are the future, now Bill Gates launches an accurate prediction about their capabilities in the coming years.

Bill Gates' AI Prediction: They Will Outperform Humans In This Incredible Ability
Bill Gates reveals his prediction about AI

AIs are here to stay. This seems to be getting clearer but now Bill Gates has launched one of his predictions in which it is usually quite successful, one of the last being the tool that is going to replace mobile phones. Now, how could it be otherwise, it has to do with artificial intelligence. We cannot forget all the discussions that AI is generating, in fact there is constant talk about the professions that are going to disappear because of ChatGPT, something that is not surprising since OpenAI itself – creator of this AI – has theorized about the jobs that are going to be drastically reduced.

Bill Gates’ prediction

Bill Gates is very clear about something: ChatBots are going to be the future of education, teaching us to read and improve our writing skills from a young age. In fact, according to the genius and philanthropist founder of Microsoft, will be able to teach us in less than 18 months As pointed out from the CNBC.

The AI ​​will be a better tutor than any human can be. First we have to be aware of how it helps us to read, and then give us information on how to write.

This comes from the fact that historically it has always been very difficult to teach literacy by computers of the past. They were not able to connect with human beings enough to understand how both skills are related. But all this has changed because AIs are capable of behaving like humans, recognizing and recreating human language in changeable ways. This statement will not surprise us at all if we have ever had a conversation with ChatGPT-4, since he speaks in a very dynamic way. In fact, Bing with ChatGPT It allows us to choose what kind of speech we want our AI to have and what is its way of expressing itself.

For Gates this will help fight against inequality, since until now having a private master was something very expensive, but the AI ​​​​will be able to do it without problems. However, this sounds quite strange when we consider that AIs today are very expensive and consume a lot of energyso it is to be expected that sooner or later they will end up being paid.

The next step? According to Gates it could be mathematics. If they manage to teach us our language without problems, we can hope that AIs can also teach us mathematics in a very interesting and assumable way for everyone. Even for those who find it more difficult since will have a history of all our studies.

In short:

  • Gates believes that we will be able to delegate the learning of reading and writing to AIs.
  • These will be able to teach us thanks to the advances that have been made.
  • It will serve to equalize all social classes.
  • Sooner or later it will also be possible to delve into mathematics and the ability to teach it.

This rosy view of AI is not shared by everyone. Many geniuses and visionaries consider that we are not ready for it and that it must be significantly limited. Among them Yuval Noah Harari or Elon Musk. Of course, shortly after Musk announced TruthGPT, your alternative to ChatGPT which in theory will seek the maximum truth, something impossible to achieve.


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