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Will the flower bloom if you touch it?.. The touch pad will fly.. What is this?

Directed by Karthik Yogi, Santhanam starrer Vadhakpatti Ramasamy has received positive reviews from critics and is running successfully in theatres.

Prior to this, critic Prashanth Rangasamy played the role of the heroine’s boy bestie in Dikilona directed by Karthik Yogi Santhanam. Again Karthik has given opportunity to Prasandhu in the movie It is Prasandhu directed by Yogi Chandanam.

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But his look is different in this film. They have given us a character like a buffoon who wears an arid douser and has his hair cut into a bun. He also has a separate couple and a separate romance truck for him.

In this case, Prashant Rangasamy is currently bullying the fans by posting the scene of the making of the love track on his Twitter page. The atrocity of these two to the song Thottal Poo Malarum sung by MGR in the movie Padakoti and the assistant director’s voice from the background as Prashant pinching the young actress’s cheek, fans are wondering what the hell is this.

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Netizens have seen the footage of Prashanth Rangasamy and the young actress trolling each other saying that if Karthik saw this, he would be slapped with sandals. Prashant, who has been a film critic, has been turning himself into a comedy actor in every film and is being praised.

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