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Will Trent Season 2 Release Date

Will Trent is a police procedural crime drama tv series based on Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series of novels.

With 13 episodes, it premiered in January 2023, on ABC in the US, and on Disney+ for everybody else around the world.

It was so successful that in April 2023, Will Trent was renewed for a second season.

With millions of fans, it was ABC’s No. 1 new drama in 2023 but when exactly will we see Will Trent season 2??

Will Trent Season 2 Release Date

Few shows hit the mark quite like Will Trent. The series features Ramón Rodríguez in the role of Special Agent Will Trent from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI).

Will, abandoned at birth, faced a tough upbringing in Atlanta’s overburdened foster care system. Yet, he has turned his challenging past into a force for good.

Driven by a desire to ensure no one feels abandoned as he once did, Will leverages his unique perspective to solve crimes, boasting the highest clearance rate in the GBI.

With its traditional cop show style and implementation of real detective work, the good news is that Will Trent season 2 will be back on our tv’s.

Sadly we are going to have to wait a bit longer to see it though. Given that the writers strike in the US has held up production across the board, we would have expected Will Trent season 2 to air in January 2024.

Whether or not that happens, will depend on how soon the strike ends. So if we don’t see it in January, it may be March or April 2024 before Will, Angie, Faith, Michael and Amanda make their way back to us.

Will Trent Season 1 Recap

There has always been a trend of creating detectives who are closed books. Often portrayed as loners who lack real communication skills, they keep everything to themselves, often to the detriment of a case or relationships.

Not so with Will Trent, a veritable open book who says exactly what he thinks. While he may be socially awkward, he is an all round good guy who also happens to be brilliant at his job.

His keen instincts and unique experience often help him to uncover the truth behind various murder cases. And in each episode there is usually two cases to be solved. The first by Will and his partner Faith, the second by Angie and Michael, detectives not in the GBI.

The first season explores Will’s backstory. Growing up in the foster care system with his best friend Angie, both, despite their terrible circumstances, have managed to turn their lives around. Although, Angie is still struggling and in recovery.

There’s an excellent blend of both the professional and personal sides to most of the characters, with neither overshadowing the other.

It’s a solid tv show with plenty of crime solving and personal drama and I cannot wait for Will Trent season 2 to delve even deeper into these flawed but brilliant people.

Will Trent Season 2 What Happens?

Usually adapted series follow a known path based on the order of books in which they originally appeared. Case in point is Reacherwhere each season is based on a specific book.

Not so with Will Trent which has taken the Karin Slaughter characters and setting but blended the stories from all of the books across the season. For example, in the books, Faith Mitchell has a baby but in the series she has a college aged son.

Also changed is the relationship between Will and Angie which is fairly consistent in the tv series but not so much in the books.

So given that most of the crimes are condensed into episodes, there’s no real way of knowing what Will Trent season 2 will have in store for us.

Of course, there will be more crimes to solve and more character development but nothing more specific than that so far.

Who Plays Will Trent?

Born in Puerto Rico, Ramon Rodriguez is the actor who plays Will Trent in the tv series.

Raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, he studied at the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies and has a degree in sports marketing.

He began acting in 2005 with a role in the direct-to-video film, Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power and quickly added roles in television series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, day breakand The Wire to his CV.

2013 saw Rodriguez in the lead role of Fox’s crime drama series gang related. Despite the promising start, the series was eventually canceled after its first season. Rodriguez then co-starred with Aaron Paul in the action film Need for Speedplaying Joe “Beasty” Peck.

In 2017 he took on the role of Bakuto in two Netflix series, Iron Fist and The Defenders.

By 2023 he was the lead in Will Trent and has said “I love this character. I adore him. I think he’s just a very complicated human being that is doing his best to navigate the world.”

Where Is Will Trent Filmed?

Created by Liz Heldens and written by Heldens and Daniel T. Thomsen, Will Trent is actually filmed in Atlanta, Georgia where the show is set.


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