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Windows 11 Microsoft Store is now available for Windows 10 Insiders

Windows 11 launched a few weeks ago, and one of the many new things it introduced was a revamped Microsoft Store. However, the new Microsoft Store was never meant to be Windows 11 exclusive, and now, it’s finally coming to Windows 10. The news was shared by Rudy Huyn, principal architect for the new Microsoft Store, saying that Windows 10 Insiders can now try the new interface.

The new Microsoft Store features many changes, not the least of which is a brand-new UI, which is much more visually appealing. Different sections are seen on the side of the interface with matching icons, and each section showcases big icons, a large banner for highlighted items, and smooth animations all over. We have a deep dive on the Windows 11 Microsoft Store if you’re interested in learning more about the changes.

Beyond eye candy, the new Microsoft Store also has new developer terms, so more Win32 apps are supported and available on the platform, since they don’t have to be curated by Microsoft anymore. Additionally, services like Disney+ can integrate with this new storefront, so if you search for a movie that’s available on Disney+, you can open the app straight from the Microsoft Store, instead of having to search in a different place.

Of course, one thing that’s not coming to Windows 10 is support for Android apps, since that requires more than just a new store. You need the Windows Subsystem for Android, which is exclusive to Windows 11.

Testing new features with Insiders is nothing new, but there aren’t many Insiders running Windows 10, since most of them already upgraded to Windows 11. Most Insiders running Windows 10 are the ones kicked out of the program due to their PCs not being supported by the new OS. However, Microsoft has also stated that the new Microsoft Store will soon be available to all Windows 10 users. Hopefully, they don’t have long to wait to get the much-improved experience.

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