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Withings launches Body Pro 2 cellular scale with early diabetes complication detection

Withings launches Body Pro 2 cellular scale with early diabetes complication detection


Smart health – and Apple Health – device leader Withings launched its new high-end consumer smart scale Body Scan in September. Now the company is back with its next innovation in the commercial smart scale market. Coming with cellular connectivity and a modular design, the Body Pro 2 allows healthcare providers to help patients “manage chronic conditions” with the first one being early detection for diabetes complications.

Withings announced the Body Pro 2 in a press release and on its website:

Today, on World Diabetes Day, Withings Health Solutions provides a leap forward for the digital health industry with the launch of Body Pro 2, a revolutionary device redefining the nature and use of cellular-connected smart scales.

It combines habit-forming user features with a pioneering modular approach to manage chronic conditions within one versatile device. Its core capabilities allow care teams to capture advanced health metrics such as weight and body composition while additional and optional health modules unlock the ability to track advanced and clinically validated biomarkers typically only available in a professional setting.

The scale features weight, BMI, and body composition readings, plus the ability to measure electrochemical skin conductance.

Notably, this is the first smart scale to feature a modular design. The first module for the Body Pro 2 is prescription-only and will enable healthcare providers to help “improve the way patients with diabetes are taken care of.”

With this module care teams can monitor one of the biggest challenges in diabetes, diabetic foot health, which is often overlooked. By monitoring patients’ Electrochemical Skin Conductance (ESC), the scale may help to detect early signs of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathies (DPN) and assess the risk for diabetic foot ulcers. 1

Withings also says Body Pro 2 is the “first-ever” smart scale to include cellular connectivity. And it aims to make the patient experience seamless with “no setup” needed:

The Body Pro 2 scale could not be simpler for patients to use. It is a cellular-enabled scale that works straight out of the box, requires no setup, and automatically transmits accurate, secure data to care teams. Leveraging a recipe that has proven benefits to millions of consumers around the world, it deploys a host of features and strategies that have made the success of Withings such as: unparalleled ease of use, powerful weight tracking, body composition monitoring and an engaging user experience.

Check out more on the Body Pro 2 in the Withings promo video.

No pricing details have been shared yet (and may vary). Interested healthcare providers can get in touch with Withings by clicking the “Contact us” button on the company’s Health Solutions page.

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