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Worried about your MacBook keyboard not working properly? Try these tips

Do you ever press a key, but the keyboard doesn’t respond, or you keep typing text repeatedly? There is a solution!

When you type text and press a letter key, does the keyboard stop responding or does it repeatedly type it? Or the keyboard doesn’t work at all and you can’t use your laptop?

These problems are often caused by small things that you can fix yourself. We’ll tell you how.

Install the latest updates

The outdated operating system can also be blamed for a malfunctioning keyboard. On your MacBook, open “System Preferences” and select “Software Update” from the “General” menu. If new updates are available, install them.

Malicious software removal

If your keyboard doesn’t work after installing a new app on your MacBook, try to remove it. On the Launchpad, click and hold the app icon until a small cross appears in the corner. Click the cross to remove the application.

Turn off Slow Keys

MacBooks have a special built-in feature (Slow Keys) that works on the principle that that each key while typingught must be kept pressed, so that the letter is typed. If you accidentally activate this feature, you may feel that the keyboard does not respond properly while typing.

If you’re having trouble with the keyboard, make sure Slow Keys is turned off. Open the “System settings” menu by clicking on the apple logo, select “Accessibility” menu item and then click on “Keyboard” menu item. Here you will see the “Slow Keys” feature which you can turn on or off here.

Clean the keyboardughzet

If none of the above methods worked and the keyboard still does not work properly, the problem is likelyughmost hardware natureugh. The difficulty can often be caused by dirt under or between the keys. The solution? Thorough cleaning of the keyboard.

Unplug the MacBook and turn it off. Then turn it upside down and try to gently shake out the dirtHethe keyboardughfrom under. Then clean it carefully and thoroughly with a soft brush and compressed air.

Replace your MacBook keyboard

Cleaning the keyboard didn’t help? Then you probably need to replace the keyboard with a new one. New MacBook keyboardugha wide selection of items can be found at FixShop page, where you can get all the necessary accessories for the replacement.

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