Android NewsWould you pay to watch a TikTok video? ...

Would you pay to watch a TikTok video? The social network is developing a function to upload paid videos


TikTok could include new ways to reward creators, including paid videos.

Would you pay to watch a TikTok video?  The social network is developing a function to upload paid videos
The TikTok app has been undergoing several changes for a few months

TikTok has been looking for new ways to attract creators for some time. And the most effective seems to be give them new tools with which to earn more money. To achieve this, one of the next novelties that could be included would be the possibility of publish paid videosto which only those followers who decide to check out will have access.

Sources close to the social network belonging to bytedance would have revealed to The Information part of the company’s plans, which contemplate the arrival of these videos pay per view. Rumors suggest that the creators would have the possibility of collect 1 dollar (or a price of your choosing) to grant access to the content to your followers.

Paid videos could come to TikTok

Although TikTok has not ruled on the matter, strategy makes all the sense in the world. While it is true that TikTok has one of the largest user bases on the planet, the creators are not entirely satisfied with the remuneration they get from your videos. For that reason, the company thinks of new ways to reward the most popular creators and those who generate the most revenue for the platform.

Besides paid videosthe operation of which is unclear, TikTok is also working on update the so-called “Creator Fund” or “Creators Fund”with the objective of offer more attractive rewards for the creators. This change is already being tested in some regions of the world, such as Brazil and France, and should be extended to the rest of the countries at some point next March.

We don’t know exactly how pre-paid videos will work on TikTok, or if a solution similar to the ones will be chosen. paid subscriptions available on Instagram From a few months ago. Be that as it may, you probably don’t have to wait too long to find out for sure.

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