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X launches Premium+ and Basic subscription tiers

X – the artist formerly known as Twitter – has today announced two new subscription tiers for its service. These join the already available $8/month Premium subscription, which now becomes the middle option.

The cheapest X subscription is now Basic, at $3/month. This gives you the ability to edit posts, create longer posts (and longer videos), undo posting, it gives you access to Reader for consuming longer posts without distractions, you have background video playback, the ability to download videos, and you receive a small reply boost.

Additionally, you can use SMS two-factor authentication and your DMs are encrypted. In terms of customizations, you can change app icons, you get bookmark folders, the ability to customize navigation and theme, you can highlight your best posts in a dedicated tab in your profile, and you can hide your likes and subscriptions. Interestingly, Basic does not give you a checkmark nor ID verification.

Premium will still be available at $8/month, and on top of everything Basic offers, you also get half the ads in For You and Following, a larger reply boost, the checkmark (and the ability to hide it if you wish) and ID verification, and access to the Creator Hub, which lets you get paid to post and get money from your followers subscribing to you. You can also access analytics, as well as X Pro and Media Studio.

Finally, the new $16/month Premium+ tier includes everything that’s in Premium but comes with zero ads in For You and Following and the largest reply boost.

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