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Xiaomi’s smart speaker drops below 20 euros for the first time

It is one of the best that can be used with Google Assistant integrated.

Historic offer: Xiaomi's smart speaker drops below 20 euros for the first time
This Xiaomi smart alarm clock speaker is on sale for a price never seen before.

on the ground of smart speakers with virtual assistantsAmazon still the undisputed king. However, Xiaomi It has several models in its catalog and one of them has fallen in price to 19.99 euros in MediaMarkt and the 20.65 euros on the official website. Taking into account that its official starting price was 44.99 euros, we are before the biggest downfall of this gadget.

Units are flying at both stores and they may be out of stock by the time you’re reading this. This speaker will not only serve as a music speaker, but thanks to its integrated digital clock It can be a great ally of our bedside table, acting as a alarm clock.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR control

Buy a good and cheap smart speaker from Xiaomi

xiaomi speaker

You can connect two of the same speakers to generate a hi-fi stereo system.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is designed to simplify and centralize the control of your electronic devices. With its IR remote control capability, you can use the speaker to control televisions, air conditionersentertainment systems and other compatible devices that use infrared technology.

The smart speaker is equipped with Google Assistant, allowing you to control it using voice commands. You can use your voice to turn devices on or off, adjust the volume, change channels, and perform other remote control functions without having to search for the physical remote. This improve comfort and accessibility in your home.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control bedside table

Xiaomi also has a cheap smart alarm clock.

In addition to its remote control capability, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control also works as a high quality smart speaker. you can enjoy a immersive and clear listening experience while you play music, listen to podcasts or even get answers to your questions using the Google Assistant. The speaker offers a powerful and clear sound so you can enjoy your favorite audio content with quality.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control connects via Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), giving you access to a wide range of smart online services and features. You can take advantage of the capabilities of Google Assistant to get information, manage your calendar, set reminders and control other compatible smart devices in your home.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR control

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is a versatile device that combines the functions of a high quality smart speaker with a powerful infrared remote control. With his ability to control electronic devices in your home and provide smart features through Google Assistant, offers a complete solution to enhance your home experience.

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