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XM Cyber ​​in CLICO’s sales portfolio

XM Cyber ​​in CLICO’s sales portfolio


CLICO – as the largest regional value-added distributor – has been successfully promoting and introducing the innovative solutions of global market leaders in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries since 1991.

CLICO has finalized its agreement with XM Cyber, thus becoming a value-added distributor of XM Cyber ​​in the Central and Eastern European market, and its portfolio has been expanded with XM Cyber ​​solutions providing continuous monitoring and management of cyber threats (CTEM).

“If we take a real-world company as an example, it’s possible that that business has so many vulnerabilities to deal with on a daily basis that it’s almost impossible to solve. We see organizations using the XM Cyber ​​platform benefiting tremendously when faced with this challenge. APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and by continuously analyzing and identifying potential security risks, they can protect themselves against complex attacks while reducing the costs associated with the creation and operation of the security level,” said Zsolt Almási CISSP, CLICO Hungary’s engineering group leader.

XM Cyber ​​is a leader in Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), offering innovative solutions for continuous monitoring and management of cyber threats. The platform provides unique capabilities for comprehensive protection of local and cloud IT environments. It provides deep visibility of the entire infrastructure, intelligent analysis mechanisms and reporting capabilities, enabling security budget optimization and security teams to implement targeted actions.

The Attack Path Management (APM) capability enables the management of attack paths, thus ensuring continuous monitoring and analysis of the IT environment. The outstanding advantages of APM include flexible and easily customizable adaptation to individual infrastructures, as well as easy handling.

“CLICO’s strategy, market knowledge and innovative approach align with XM Cyber’s vision of working with the best partners to deliver great solutions and services to deliver real value to enterprises and MSSPs,” said Shoshi Leibovits, XM Cyber ​​East European Sales Director.

CLICO’s distribution contract with XM Cyber ​​is valid in Central and Eastern Europe.



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