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Yashika Anand who looks like a fool!..

Yashika Anand is one of the popular Instagram model beauty among the netizens. Hailing from Bangalore, she is interested in modeling and acting in films.


He started acting in small roles in movies. He acted in the films Nota and Dhruvangal Bhatinaar. He oozes glamor in Overdos in Darkroom Rogue.


He also got a chance to participate in Bigg Boss. After that, he acted in some films including Zombie. He was suddenly injured in a car accident and was treated for a few months.

It is Yashika’s habit to publish photos showing her forelegs and thighs. So, he keeps doing it.

Legend also danced for a song in the movie Legend starring Saravana. Whenever he gets a chance, he acts like a small role, a dance for a song.

In this case, as usual, the photos of Yashika posing in a tight dress with her upper body and thigh have made the fans go crazy.

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