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You called me ugly!.. I will never act!. Mansoor Ali Khan and Trisha

Mansoor alikhan: Mansoor alikhan started as a dancer and acted in fight scenes and became a villain actor with Captain Prabhakaran. He went to the peak of fame by attracting the fans with his indifferent performance in the very first film. After that he acted as a villain in many movies.

He has created a style of his own, such as his body language and mimicry. He has also acted as a comedy villain in many movies. He has directed and acted in some films. His performance in many movies including Nanam Raudithan was greatly appreciated by the fans.

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She also acted in the Vijay-starrer Leo directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Now he has written, directed, produced and acted in the film called Merchandise. The film faced some issues with the censors. Not only in cinema but also in real life, Mansoor Ali Khan has a habit of speaking his mind.

He is a person who speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences. Due to this, he faced many objections, complaints and lawsuits. Speaking at a press conference recently, Mansoor Alikan was asked about poet Vairamuthu’s comment that he should not put pictures of heroines on movie posters.

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To which he replied, ‘You don’t cast actresses?.. You don’t cast even now.. You don’t cast villain actors.. Vairamuthu sir needs to speak for them too. All the actors should post the pictures of the heroines from now on. I was so happy that Trisha will also act in the movie Leo.’ After this, there was a complaint that Mansoor Ali Khan had spoken badly.

In this case, Trisha saw the video of Mansoor Ali Khan’s speech on Twitter. He has bad mouthed me. I strongly condemn this. He has spoken in a very disgusting and obscene manner. You praise him. But I have never acted with him before. Likewise, I will never act with him again. I am happy that way. People like him give a bad name to the human society.

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