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You can also surf the Internet outside the EU with Revolut’s new service – PCW

You can also surf the Internet outside the EU with Revolut’s new service – PCW


The novelty of the fintech company is coming to Hungary as well, which will finally free you from the fear of roaming fees.

Thanks to the European Union, we have not had to pay roaming fees when traveling within the European Economic Area since 2017, and the validity of the regulation on which this is based will expire in 2022 It was extended for 10 yearsso we are covered for quite some time.

Leaving the EEA states, however, the old system comes into effect with mostly hefty and difficult-to-transparent fees, but the good news is that Revolut has a solution for this as well, which can now be used by Hungarian customers as well.

The company, which basically offers electronic banking services, launched its own eSIM packages back in February, which were initially only available in the United Kingdom, but on March 25 this function was extended to several other regions, including Hungary. With the eSIM, any Revolut customer can buy a data allowance that can be used abroad, so unexpected data roaming costs are out of the question.

For this, we need an eSIM-compatible mobile phone, but in return it is not necessary to research the specifications of the phones, since the Revolut application only offers the option on the appropriate devices. To activate the eSIM, it is Lifestyle > eSIM you have to navigate to the menu item from the main page of the app, where you can choose between different local, regional and global data packages after reviewing a short summary.

The latter can be used in 108 countries of the world, the cheapest option is the 1 GB data frame for 1 week for HUF 3,100, and the most expensive is the 20 GB package that costs HUF 23,920, which can be used for 30 days. Revolut also has an introductory promotion: whoever activates the eSIM card by May 1 will receive 100 MB of free data traffic for 7 days.

For Revolut Ultra customers, the formula is even simpler, as they are entitled to a 3GB data limit every month. It is important that the Revolut eSIM only offers internet access, i.e. it does not offer the possibility to make traditional calls and send SMS. In any case, the solution has further expanded the range of neobank’s travel services, because through the application, among other things, you can book accommodation and local programs, as well as take out international travel insurance.



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