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You can now block spammers that share files with you on Google Drive

Have you been getting spammed with Google Drive notifications time and time again, telling you that someone shared a file with you? I know I certainly have, and several others on the XDA Portal Team have, too. It can get really annoying, but we know that Google is aware of the issue because in May, they announced you’ll be able to finally block spammers that share files with you on Google Drive. That feature is finally rolling out starting today, marking yet another change that Google is making to secure Google Drive.

Blocking a user on Google Drive

As the company announced in a Google Cloud blog post back in May, you can block other Drive users from sharing any content with you in the future. Doing so removes all existing files and folders they’ve shared and also removes their access to your content, making it easy to get rid of all spam or abusive content and to protect access to your own files. You won’t be able to block users in your domain, though, and it’s worth noting that blocking a user on Google Drive will also block them from interacting with you on other Google apps and services.

Today, the company published a blog post on the Google Workspace blog telling us that the feature is in the process of rolling out. “Bad actors can abuse tools that are meant to facilitate helpful sharing”, said Google in the blog post, which is exactly what ended up happening with the service. “User blocking will not only preserve Drive sharing’s helpfulness, but most importantly preserve the safety of Drive users,” Google continued. The feature is gradually rolling out over the next 15 days and will be available to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers, and all personal Google account users, too.

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