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You can now easily spot new features in the Microsoft Store

You can now easily spot new features in the Microsoft Store


Stay updated about what’s new in the Microsoft Store app.

Key Takeaways

  • Windows users now have the “What’s New” section in the Microsoft Store to learn about recent changes and updates.
  • Experimental features are clearly labeled.
  • You can’t see what new features are added with each version, only recent improvements.

Be it in the case when Microsoft added the ability to choose drives for game installations to the Microsoft Store or made it easier for users to spot new software in the app, we didn’t know immediately when those features were introduced. That’s because Microsoft didn’t tell us about the latest changes in each Microsoft Store update. Luckily, Microsoft has finally left that limitation behind, well, sort of, by adding a “What’s New” section to the Microsoft Store.

How to spot the latest changes in the Microsoft Store

Screenshot showing the latest changes in the Microsoft Store app

When you open the Microsoft Store app, you’ll see the “What’s New” option right above the Library, in the bottom left. Click or tap that option to learn about everything new you can try in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft also labels what changes are experimental, which is another way of telling users that those may not work as intended and worse, might also be withdrawn in the future.

However, one major drawback is that there is no way you can tell what new features it added with each version. All you’ll see is a list of improvements introduced recently. Microsoft’s Phone Link also has the same limitation: you can spot the latest new features in the app, but there is no way to tell which version they’re introduced to first.



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Who will see what’s new in the Microsoft Store app?

Rudy Huyn, who is the Principal Architect at Microsoft, first posted about the change in his post on X (formerly Twitter). However, there was no mention of whether users need to update the Microsoft Store app to see the change. If you don’t see it despite running the latest version of the Microsoft Store app, try relaunching it, because this can also be a server-side update. And no, it’s not limited to Windows Insiders.



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