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You can now see the trailer for Immaculate, the disturbing horror film by Sydney Sweeney and Álvaro Morte

1 hour and 29 minutes of pure religious tension and unexpected twists

You can now see the trailer for Immaculate, the disturbing horror film by Sydney Sweeney and Álvaro Morte
Sydney Sweeney plays a nun in the new film ‘Immaculate’

Lovers of horror cinemaYou have a new title to add to your list: Immaculate. And what kind of terror? You will ask yourself. Well, as you can imagine by taking a look at the cover photo, the film revolves around religion, exploring themes of guilt and redemption mixed with distortion of reality. Come on, all the necessary ingredients to make your hair stand on end even with the light on.

A convent full of secrets, miracles and paranormal events

Immaculate tells the story of Cecilia, a devoted young woman who is offered an interesting position and decides move to a convent in the Italian countryside, seemingly peaceful. However, in this unusual and terrifying place lost by the hand of God (pun intended), he begins to experience supernatural phenomena and all kinds of strange things.

The story takes a turn when he finds out that is pregnantdespite having no contact with men and being isolated from the outside world. Then, the entire convent is convinced that it is a miraculous act and she is the chosen one For God’s sake, the situation was completely out of control.

Immaculate movie poster

The official poster for the movie ‘Immaculate’, with Sydney Sweeney

Cecilia will live a true nightmare in her new home, where sooner rather than later she will realize that The convent harbors a sinister secret and unspeakable horrors. Furthermore, his perspective constantly plays between fantasy and realitywhich makes us think that it could have a style similar to God’s crooked lines (2022).

Immaculateonly in theaters March 22

We have known about the filming of this film for almost a year, but it was not until a few days ago that what matters most to us viewers was revealed: when and where we can see it. Immaculate will be released next March 22 in US theatersso we will still have to wait a little to see it in Spain, but in the meantime we can whet our appetites with the trailer that has just been published:

The great The film’s protagonist is Sydney Sweeney.who you will know for her role in Euphoria oh The white lotus. But it is not the only project that the American actress has planned for this year, since she has just released the romantic comedy Anyone but younow available in theaters, and is also part of the cast of lady webthe Marvel movie that will be released on February 16.

However, the cast has more familiar faces. One of them is Alvaro Mortewho you will inevitably remember for his great role as The Professor in The Money Heistwhich also became one of the biggest hits of the netflix catalog. On the other hand, Simona Tabasco also participatesBenedetta Porcaroli, Dora Romano and Giampiero Judica, among others.

As you can see in the trailer, Immaculate is signed by Neon, the cinematographic American who has given us titles of the stature Parasites (2019), winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020. Of course, if we are guided by how good this trailer looks, It has all the credentials to be a box office success..

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