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You can now use any Edge-compatible extension on the mobile app

You can now use any Edge-compatible extension on the mobile app


Key Takeaways

  • Install any Edge-compatible extension on Microsoft Edge mobile through a tricky but worthwhile process.
  • Enable the feature by using Microsoft Edge Canary, navigating to “Android Extensions,” and jumping through a few hoops.
  • Currently in the testing stage, the process will be smoother in the release version, offering an exciting way to use extensions on mobile.

Using extensions on the mobile version of the Microsoft Edge browser is one of its biggest fortes. Microsoft added extension support to Edge for mobile a few months ago, but at the time, it only contained three extensions. Granted, they were three very good extensions, but it was still a shadow of the feature’s potential. Fortunately, Microsoft has now finally pulled the trigger and allowed people to install any Edge-compatible extension on the mobile app. And while it takes a lot of work to activate right now, it’s worth it if you’re itching for your extensions on mobile.


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As spotted by Windows Latest, you can now grab any Edge-compatible extension and download it onto the mobile app. It’s still in the testing stage, and there are quite a lot of hoops you need to jump through to get it working, but it can be done.

First of all, you need Microsoft Edge Canary; this is the testbed version of the app that people can use to try out new features. Once you have it, type “Edge://flags” in the address bar. Search for “Android Extensions,” and enable the option that appears. Once done, give the browser a restart, then tap the three bars at the bottom right. Select “Settings,” then “About Microsoft Edge,” then tap the version name five times to unlock the developer options. Go back one screen, scroll down to the bottom, and open “Developer options.”

Now, find and tap on “Extension install by id.” It will ask you for an extension ID. Now, head to the Microsoft Edge add-on store and find the extension you want. On its store page, copy the long string of text at the end of the URL, and put it into the extension ID dialog box. For example, if you wanted to grab Bitwarden, you’d copy the text reading “jbkfoedolllekgbhcbcoahefnbanhhlh” at the end of its store URL. It should now install your extension on your mobile app.

Obviously, this is still a testing bed, and the process will be a lot smoother in the release version. However, if you want to get started with browser extensions on mobile, this is a fantastic way to do it.



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