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You can now use Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo model for free

You can now use Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo model for free


Key Takeaways

  • Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo model is now free to use – no payment needed. Pro users can still choose the older model.
  • GPT-4 Turbo activates in Creative or Precise mode. Toggle these on to access new features.
  • Microsoft releasing GPT-4 Turbo for free may be linked to rumors of an upcoming GPT-4.5 Turbo model.

Given that Microsoft and OpenAI have close ties, the Redmond giant’s AI assistant, Copilot, has had access to some of the most advanced AI models. However, some of these features are locked behind a payment plan, with Microsoft offering Copilot Pro for people who want more from their assistants. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo model is officially free to use, meaning you don’t need a Copilot Pro plan to use it.


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Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo model is now free to use

The Copilot app showing the GPT-4 toggle.

The news broke in a post made by Mikhail Parakhin on X. Copilot is part of Mikhail’s wheelhouse, and he has been the source of many Copilot-related news topics in the past. This time, he announced that Copilot’s GPT-4 Turbo models are now free for everyone – no payment required.

From the comments, it appears that the GPT-4 Turbo will kick in if you set Copilot to either Creative mode or Precise mode. As such, be sure to toggle on these options if you want to give GPT-4 Turbo a try

Out with the old, in with the new for Copilot

Microsoft Copilot banner

So, what’s the main cause behind Microsoft’s sudden generosity? There have been rumors that OpenAI is working on a GPT-4.5 Turbo, which may be released soon. If this is true, then it makes sense as to why Microsoft has suddenly released GPT-4 Turbo from the paid tier; it’s simply making room for a newer model.

Throughout the history of Copilot, we may see this happen repeatedly. Copilot Pro members will always have access to the latest and greatest technology, and the moment something better releases, the model is bumped down into the free tier. This creates a nice mix of free users getting access to powerful tools, while those who pay get a sneak peek into what’s happening on the bleeding edge of AI advancement.



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