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you can sterilize the water and it costs 300 dollars to change

This new Xiaomi MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2 mop promises to disinfect your home without too much effort and for much less money than you would expect for a product with so many possibilities.

Xiaomi has just launched the ultimate mop: it can sterilize water and it costs $300 to change
This is the new MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2, the next star for the disinfection of our homes courtesy of Xiaomi.

We are not xiaomi4all but in reality the Chinese giant makes it difficult for us, and it is that in the last two weeks there has been a constant trickle of new Xiaomi products of almost all shapes and colorswith a special predilection for appliances and small gadgets for the digital home like this smart dishwasher MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwasherthe television 86-inch Master mini-LED cut more premiuma smart speaker for kids or upgrading your most popular deep fryer, the MIJIA Smart Air Fryerwhich will accompany the reinvented night lamp from Haidian.

Now the companions of GizmoChina introduce us to the queen of all smart mopsand it is that it is new MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2 which is already sold in China at a price of 2,199 yuan (mi.com) he is able to convert simple tap water into a sterilizing liquid that will leave our surfaces like streams of gold.

We are talking about a very attractive price, about 289 euros to changealthough for now we will have to wait to see it in the Xiaomi stores in Spain with his certification German Rhine to ensure the deepest clean and efficient in our homes, meeting various international standards related to health or allergies, for example.

It is not that it does magic, but only the most effective cleaning on the market, since the systems of this MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2 are capable of convert the most common tap water into sterilizing water thanks to the electrolysis modulewhich will ensure that we have fully disinfected surfaces and even suitable for babies and children to play with complete security.

It is probably the most advanced sterilizing and intelligent mop you have ever seen and it also only costs about 289 euros to change, but its problem is the same as always: we will have to wait to see it in Spain and it will also surely be much more expensive.

This new century mop also has a rotating brush that moves up to 520 revolutions per minuteoffering a powerful cleaning in addition to the ability to self-wash simultaneously to always remain suitable and free of contaminants.

Its design makes this advanced cleaning device can reach under furniture or in difficult corners, as it is able to bend up to 180 degrees, while the brush rotates with a double-sided design to clean effectively while moving in any direction. In addition, the center of gravity of the assembly is very low to easy to grip and move comfortablywhile the built-in traction He will do the rest to spare us efforts.

Xiaomi has just launched the ultimate mop: it can sterilize water and it costs $300 to change

Promotional image of the launch in China of this Xiaomi MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2 mop.

To complete the image of this MIJIA Floor Scrubber 2, you should know that the clean water tank reaches a capacity of 800 milliliterswhile the dirty water stores up to 700 milliliters to ensure the cleanliness of larger homes. In fact, the 4,000mAh battery built-in battery allows you to clean on a single charge up to 320 square meters.

As for intelligent functions, it has a dirt sensor that automatically adjusts the suction powerwhile a led screen It will show us the status of the cleaning and the device at first glance, offering voice prompts and compatibility with the MIJIA platform.


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