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You do not come to my side! Vivek warned Bonda Mani… You will be shocked if you know why…

Vivek: Actor Vivek is an actor who has captivated people through his comedies in Tamil cinema. He has shown progressive ideas through his comedic acting. His comedies have their own fan base.

Once leading comedian Vivek passed away during Corona. Apart from comedies, he has also acted in various character roles. He made his debut in Tamil cinema with the movie “Minda Thamwana”.

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Through his comedies he earned the title of Chinna Kalaivanar. He is also a great person in reality beyond cinema. His superstition-busting comedies attracted the attention of many.

Apart from acting with comedians like Kaundamani Senthil, he has also acted in many comedies with Vadivelu. Many of Vadivelu’s comedies were successful because of his co-stars like Bonda Mani and Bhava Letchumanan. Bonda Mani is the most prominent among them.

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Bonda had acted in several plays with Mani Vivek. Then he got an opportunity to act in comedies with Vadivelu. The comedy was also a huge hit. Then Bonda comes to Mani Vivek. Then Vivek you should not come here anymore. He said I have nothing to do with you.

It was a huge shock to Bonda when he heard it. Immediately asked Vivek, ‘Why are you talking like this?’ asked. Vivek advises Vadivelu to stay with Vadivelu and raise his voice and if they come to know that you have come here, your life will be affected. Actor Vivek had such a good idea.

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