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You don’t want your money!.. Hard volley to the producer.. Do you know what MGR did?..

As far as the film industry is concerned, poets who write songs are always a bit arrogant. If anyone insults his self-respect, he will be furious. It belongs to poets. There are many examples of this…

Poet Vali wrote many romantic and philosophical songs for MGR. But fans thought that poet Kannadasan wrote all that.
But it was Wally who wrote it all.


Once Wally admitted his wife to the hospital for delivery. The doctors said caesarean section. So, he was tensed. At that time, MGR was acting in the film Annamita Kai. The film’s producer, Sivasamy Iyer, called him on the phone and said, ‘I want a song immediately. I have to go shooting immediately. MGR is ready’ he said.



Vali asked, ‘How can I come when my wife is about to give birth’, to which the producer replied, ‘Are you going to do the operation?’ To hear, the fierce volley ‘Bona kiila vida. I love curry papaan. He cut off the call by saying, ‘Don’t hide it anywhere.. I don’t want your song.. I don’t want money’.

The next day, MGR came to the hospital, saw Vali’s wife and child, put a gold chain on the child’s hand and told Vali, ‘The way the producer spoke to you was wrong. But I want the song. There is no rush,’ he said and left. After that the song was written by Wally himself.

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