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You said you don’t want to call ‘Tala’! But now Ajithkumar is not there – do you know what name?

Actor Ajith: Actor Ajith Kumar is an independent actor in Tamil cinema. Initially, Ajith was known as Ultimate Star and Thala. But Ajith made a clear statement not to call me by those two epithets.

He had said that just calling him Ajithkumar or AK is enough. Since then, in his recent films, only Ajith Kumar has been put on the title card. Ajith is also the actor with the most fans in Kollywood.

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It is a blessing to see him. Ajith was nowhere to be seen in public or at functions. I had to think that Ajith was there when his new film was released.

But he is getting rid of that shortcoming now. From time to time, his related photos are adorning the internet. Apart from that, if you go to the airport, you will definitely see Ajith. That’s why fans have started calling him ‘Airport Kumar’.

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They are trolling more than they should. In this situation, Ajith is currently in Turkey and there is a photo of Ajith with prominent celebrities that is going viral.

Fans who watch it, are you having fun there by buying money from Tamil people? They are scolding that you are the only leader who can spoil his own honor and even after Vijayakanth’s death he has not come to pay his respects.

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