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You shouldn’t compose music for MGR’s film!.. Mother gave order to MSV!…


Chinnappa Devar, founder of Devar Films, is prominent among the producers who nurtured actor MGR. He was a friend of MGR since childhood. He ran to help his family when they were in poverty. That is why MGR remained loyal to God till the end. He acted in many films produced by him.



It was Chinnappa Devar who made MGR a superhero in the minds of the fans. Chinnappa Devar produced several films with MGR like Thaikkubin Tharam, Neemala Thiudan, Thaat Kaela Thait, Dharmam Thalai Kakum, Vedtakakaran, Neeti Bin Pasam, Mukarashi, Only Born, Mother’s Son, Farmer, Good Time.



Likewise, KV Mahadevan will be the composer for the Devar Films film. one side. MS Viswanathan also grew up in the film industry and composed music for many films. Chinnapadeva wanted MS Viswanathan to compose the music for his film Vedettakaran with MGR. He went straight to MSV’s house and talked about it. Then he called MSV and told him that you should not compose music for this film.



There is a reason for that. MSV was one of the gang members who sang the chorus in several films composed by KV Mahadevan. One day I called him and said, ‘If you are singing chorus like this, what will be your future. Start making music yourself. It was KV Mahadevan who sent him with the hope that you have that wisdom. So, he has stopped him because his son should not compose music in the films of Devar Films. After that, KV Mahadevan composed the music for Vedettakaran.



This is also a prime example of being fair, conscientious and grateful in the film industry at that time.

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