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YouTube Experiment Lets You Zoom Into Videos

YouTube Experiment Lets You Zoom Into Videos


YouTube has a program where you can test out new and experimental features before other people for a limited time. It’s an interesting perk, and there’s a new one. For a limited time, you can pinch and zoom into YouTube videos freely.

Right now, you can zoom into videos (well, sorta). You can pinch and have the picture fill the phone’s display. This came with the rise of phones with taller aspect ratios. You could pinch to get a bit of a closer look at objects as well, but that’s only a minor zoom-in.

YouTube experiment will let you zoom into videos

While you can have a bit of a zoom-in with the current method, YouTube wants to take that a step further. Right now, the company is testing out the ability for people to freely zoom into a video. This will let people zoom into a specific spot in the video, according to Android Police.

Not only that but you’re also able to zoom in even closer to the video. It’s a good way to get a closer look at a specific part of the video. Maybe you want to look at a bit of text or some small detail. As you can expect, the more you zoom into the video, the less clear it will become.

In terms of the zoom range, you can zoom into a video up to 8x, which is respectable. When you zoom in, you’ll only need to swipe with one finger to move the screen to the spot you want.

How to enable the feature

If you’re curious about this experimental feature, there are a few things you should know. First, only people who are YouTube Premium subscribers can use this feature. If you’re using your phone, go to the settings in the YouTube app, and you will see a section named “Try new features”. Tap on it, and you’ll see the feature and the option to enable it.

If you’re using your browser, then you’ll want to go to the experiments page. From there, you’ll see the feature and the option to enable it. After you enable the feature, you’ll want to wait about 10 minutes for it to actually take effect. Also, you’ll want to make sure that your YouTube app is fully updated.

This feature is only available to use until September 1st. During this period, you can send the company feedback on the feature. If the company gets a lot of positive feedback, who knows if the company will make it an official feature?


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