Technology NewsTechYouTube promotes a 'live' crypto scam for Taylor Swift

YouTube promotes a ‘live’ crypto scam for Taylor Swift


YouTube promotes a ‘live’ crypto scam for Taylor Swift

On my YouTube home page at the moment is a promoted ‘live’ ask me anything from Taylor Swift. Seeing as her latest album Midnights is currently breaking records everywhere, that’s not surprising.

The thing is this live video isn’t what it seems to be.

When you go into the video, it’s actually an old interview relating to the Folklore/Evermore albums released back in 2020.

Overlaid on top of this is an official looking message (with a blue tick no less) from “Taylor” stating:

Your life will change completely — in an instant. Follow the QR & thank us. No one has done this before.

Next to this is a QR code which, when scanned, takes you to a Midnights-themed page where you are encouraged to send a small amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum to Swift. In exchange for doing so, the page claims you will receive double back.

Naturally this all just a scam. This “Taylor Swift” only has 14.2K subscribers on YouTube, while the real Swift has 49.3 million.

How long this video will remain up before YouTube does something about it remains to be seen.



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