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YouTube’s 4 big goals for the year 2024, according to its CEO

The CEO of YouTube has published a letter with the platform’s 4 main objectives for this year

YouTube's 4 big goals for the year 2024, according to its CEO
The platform will seek to grow through these key points

2024 will be a key year for YouTube. The emergence of artificial intelligence will play a prominent role in the platform, but other factors will also come into play. Its CEO, Neal Mohan, has published a letter in which highlights YouTube’s 4 big goals for this year. Below we will summarize each of them.

Empower human creativity through AI

As it could not be otherwise, artificial intelligence takes first place. Mohan highlights that “AI should be a tool to express human creativity, not to take its place”. Given this, it stands out What’s new in YouTube AIsuch as the ability to create backgrounds using Fantastic Screen; Music AI Incubator, to develop music through artificial intelligence but respecting the rights of artists; o Fantastic Track, aimed at experimenting with the possibilities of music, like Music AI Incubator, via artificial intelligence.

Get more recognition for creators

Creators should be recognized as next-generation studios, according to YouTube. They are redefining the future of the entertainment sector through extraordinary narratives, but also giving us content about science and fields of knowledge. That’s why YouTube wants you to better recognize the creatorsbut also help them diversify the ways they make money. About this, if you want to learn about technology, These 5 channels will be useful to you.

Television and subscriptions are the new frontier of YouTube

The platform is increasingly enjoying greater relevance on television. Users see content on these devices with greater relevance, so YouTube’s plans fall on translate content into the television experiencescam podcast recordings, such as New Heights, or comments from creators, such as Deestroying. In turn, creators show greater eagerness to adapt their content to the television format.

YouTube's 4 big goals for the year 2024, according to its CEO

YouTube’s 2024 priorities

Added to this are the more than 8 million YouTube TV subscribers, and the more than 100 million who have subscribed or enjoyed a Music or Premium trial. “We see consumer interest in our subscription services growing”Groan points out.

Protect the creator economy

The last major objective lies in protect the economy of creators and offer an experience online a lot. The CEO highlights that his business is not only based on interaction, but also on the trust that users and advertisers place in him to offer them high quality content.

It also indicates that security, in all its facets, is important. On the one hand, children must find a safe platform From helping them with their homework to trying new hairstyles. On the other hand, you want to offer Quality informationso that citizens looking for reliable sources can find them without problems.

Finally, he points out that one of the great challenges is to adapt to the new security and information challenges posed by AI. Every time they are created deepfakes more sophisticated, like the one that recently caused an executive to transfer $25 million to a scammerso they will be vigilant to detect AI-generated content and label it.

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