Home Latest Feeds Technology News Z Elektronika from Pécs has developed an automated pain threshold measuring device

Z Elektronika from Pécs has developed an automated pain threshold measuring device

Z Elektronika from Pécs has developed an automated pain threshold measuring device


The solution can also be used in drug research.

Pécs-based Z Elektronika Kft., which provides electronics contract manufacturing and related developments and services, has developed a high-precision automated device suitable for measuring the pain threshold that can be used in drug research.

With a HUF 151 million grant from the Market-Driven Research, Development and Innovation Program of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office – including own resources – HUF 314 million, equipment was created to be used in university drug basic research and by pharmaceutical factories.

The developed Automated Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer (ADPA) diagnostic tool measures the sensitivity of experimental animals’ paws by applying pressure or pain to the body part, so ADPA can be used for research into neuropathies and neuropathic pain. The ADPA stimulates the hind paw of the animal in a computer-controlled manner, without human intervention, thus eliminating the subjective human evaluation, so the results obtained are completely objective – it is noted in the communiqué.

The Hungarian-owned company, which employs 200 workers, including 27 engineers, is based in Pécs, was founded in 1997 under the name Zákány Elektronikai Kft., and has been operating since 2007 under the name Z Elektronika. Swiss, Greek and Slovenian companies. In addition to all this, it also manufactures components for multinational medical technology, automotive and safety technology companies.

A few years ago, the company built a new production hall, bought production equipment and implemented organizational development with the help of a 500 million HUF non-refundable grant from HUF 1.3 billion, which was awarded in the Hungarian multi program.

In the next period, we would also like to continue the growth path we have had so far, and at the same time, we would also increase the utilization of our capacities.

They mentioned that this year, in addition to ADPA, mass production of a precision plant sensor that helps in fertilizing, named Fertitronic for agriculture, will also be started, and investments are planned in the field of logistics and production capabilities.

In 2023, the company reached HUF 6 billion in net sales, while its expected annual profit will be HUF 750 million. A year earlier, it had net sales of more than HUF 4.385 billion and made a profit of HUF 309 million.



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