Technology NewsBest replacement chargers for Lenovo Yoga 6 (2023)

Best replacement chargers for Lenovo Yoga 6 (2023)


When the 59Wh battery in the Lenovo Yoga 6 runs dry, you’ll want to try one of these nine charges to power up your device

The new Lenovo Yoga 6 (2023) model sports a battery life of up 17 hours for local 1080p video playback, according to Lenovo. For a laptop that’s under $1,000, this seems to be quite impressive. Of course, that’s just a lab-based estimate, though. Depending on how you’ll use your new Yoga 2-in-1, the actual battery life might vary. Based on last year’s model, we got about five hours of battery life, so there’s no doubt you’ll need to use your charger to juice up your device if the battery level isn’t to your expectations.

You get a 45W power adapter in the box to do that, but there are many other chargers that are compatible with the device if you lose it, or are looking for an alternative. There are 65W USB-C chargers and even 100W fast chargers that power up the Yoga 6 even faster than the original but might require you buy a USB-C cable. You even can use a portable power bank to power up your Yoga 6 (2022) when you’re on the go. Here are nine of our favorites.

  • There's no better way to charge a Lenovo laptop than a Lenovo charger, right? Lenovo sells this compact 65W charger that uses gallium nitride to stay cool, and thus it's much smaller than a typical laptop charger.
    Lenovo 65W GaN Charger

    Lenovo 65W USB-C GaN Power Adapter

    This is one of Lenovo’s best chargers for the Yoga 6. It has 65W charging speeds compared to the original charger, and also comes with an included long USB-C cable.

  • Insignia 65W Dual Port Wall Charger on white background.

    Insignia 65W Dual Port Wall Charger

    This 65W charger from the Insignia brand is an alternative to Lenovo’s official one. You’ll have to provide your own USB-C cable, but it has two ports, so you can power up two devices with one plug.

  • If 4 ports are too much, Anker also has a 2-port 100W charger. You can split the 100W between the two ports or utilize it all through one port.
    Anker PowerPort III 100W

    Anker PowerPort III 100W charger

    The AnkerPoertPort III has two USB-C ports that provide fast 100W charging for your Yoga 6 and another device. Just note it doesn’t come with a USB-C cable.

  • 715Px5qeqtL._AC_SL1500_

    Ukor 65W Universal Laptop Charger

    If you can’t find the original Lenovo 65W charger in stock, this is a solid third-party version. It has the same design but is much cheaper.

  • Anled view of the Insignia 112W Wall Charger showing two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port

    Insignia 112W Wall Charger

    This Insignia charger can provide 112W of power for your Yoga 6. It has three ports, one of which is a traditional USB-A, and two which are USB-C. You need to provide your own cable for charging, but that’s power for three devices at the same time.

  • This official charger is ideal for those who have plenty of wired accessories. You can can charge up to three devices simultaneously through two USB-C ports and a USB-A port.
    Samsung 3-Port Super Fast Charger

    Samsung 65W 3-port USB-C Charger

    You can’t go wrong with a charger from Samsung. This 65W charger has three USB-C ports for charging three devices at the same time.

  • 616sOGcq4CL._AC_SL1500_

    Anker 347 Portable Power Bank

    This is a portable power bank from Anker that holds up to 40,000 mAH. You can use this and the included USB-C cable to power your Yoga 6 when on the go on when an outlet isn’t near.

  • This 100W dual charger is similar to the previous one from Anker. It comes with a cheaper price tag, though. It's ideal for those on a relatively limited budget.
    UGREEN Nexode 100W Charger

    Ugreen 100W Nexode GaN 2-port charger

    UGreen is an alternative to Anker and makes great chargers, This one has 100W fast charging capabilities for your Android phone and Yoga 6. As with many other chargers, though, you’ll have to provide your own USB-C cable.

  • This is a tiny charger from Anker that can achieve an output of up to 65W. You can use this to charge your laptop too.
    Anker Nano 65W

    Anker 715 Charger (Nano II 65W)

    This is one of the smallest chargers for the Yoga 6. It’s compact, and ultra-portable. Of course, the USB-C cable isn’t included, though.

These are all the chargers we can think of for the Yoga 6 (2023.) If you want the very best charger, you can’t go wrong with upgrading to a 65W charger from Lenovo. But if you own a lot of other tech gadgets and other best Lenovo laptops that need recharging very often, then you’ll want to invest in one of the Anker, Samsung, and UGreen chargers that have multiple ports. These will let you charge up not only your laptop, but also other devices like an iPad, iPhone, or even an Android tablet or power bank. Of course, those require that you bring your own USB-C cable, which you might already have around your home or office.


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